300 Series

Best for Dentistry

Amazing grinding capability

With the adoption of a high RPM spindle, 5X-300 boasts its unsurpassed capability of grinding Lithium Disilicate (Glass Ceramic).
We improved user convenience by applying the cartridge that can mount and machine up to 6 CAD Blocks (Lithium Disilicate, Nanocomposite),
and the high-precision ball screws allows you to get high-quality milling outputs.

Free shape machining

5 axes (with A-axis rotating ±30˚ and B-axis rotating 360˚) allow you to machine freely. You can machine almost every shape from soft materials, such as Crown & Coping Bridge, Hybrid Abutment, Model, and Bite Splint, etc. and CAD block.

Device to automatically exchange 12 tools

With a 12-tool pocket, you can machine almost every material such
as Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, PMMA, PEEK, and WAX in just one setting,
and the automatic tool change function allow you to use equipment without interruption.

The beginning of a small change

With a small change of ‘7° Tilted Door’ to ensure user's viewing angle, you can clearly see the milling progress. With the door opening wide, you can secure enough work space to conveniently change materials and setting tools. In addition, the interior floor is inclined for convenient cleaning.


Completion of Customized Abutment machining

With various machining methods of pre-milled blank provided by us, anyone can easily machine high quality Customized Abutment.
Machining with removal of Connector using AT Cartridge, Cuff Side (Gingiva area) and Occlusal Side precision machining using Jig T Type are possible.

Cuff Side & Occlusal Side precision machining

With use of Attachment on Jig T Type, you can select the precision machining area according to the pre-milled blank mounting direction.
Cuff Side (Gingival area) or Occlusal Side precision machining improves the completeness of Customized Abutment.

Dedicated template for ARUM, Outcome of our extensive know-how

Based on our extensive know-how accumulated over many years and
various machining bases around the world, we provide the optimal
dedicated template for ARUM for any case of Customized Abutment.
This is ARUM’s unique asset that cannot be provided anywhere else.

From Disk to Pre-milled Blank

‘From Zirconia Disk machining using removable Disk Cartridge to Pre-milled Blank machining (10 pieces simultaneously)’ become possible.


5X-450 for machining various prostheses at reasonable price

With use of open C type cartridge, you can precisely machine Labial Side (Buccal Side) and Under-Cut zone that requires additional machining.
With the amazing power of the best-in-class spindle AC 1.28kw, you can machine various shapes and materials such as Denture, Zirconia, CAD Block, and Titanium milled Bar. etc. (Except for Ni-Cr / Co-Cr Disk)

Machining with the removal of connector

You can mount 5 Pre-milled Blanks and machine Customized Abutment with removal of Connector using AT Holder and Attachment.
The removal of Connector increases the degree of bonding with the upper prosthesis and reduces the workers’ post-stage works, improving work efficiency

Differentiated round bar machining

You can machine Cuff Side (Gingival area), Occlusal Side, Connectorless,
and Retention Groove in simple Top & Bottom Side milling using AT cartridge. Anyone can easily produce high quality Customized Abutment.

Dedicated template for ARUM, Outcome of our extensive know-how

With the application of our know-how in ‘Machining the dedicated template for ARUM and Implant Connection’ accumulated through our experience of machining 5X-200 screw type prostheses to 5X-450, you can machine high quality screw-type prostheses (Bar, Screw Retained Crown & Bridge). This is ARUM's unique asset that cannot be provided anywhere else.

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