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The change to the digital age has now become irresistible even in the global dental industry. Due to the digital development in dentistry, it is now a matter of digital handicraft skills to achieve the dental restoration. Thanks to digital technologies dentists can provide dental restorations to patients directly without any help from a lab or milling center. This will ultimately increase competition and put higher demand on dental professional to operate as one unit offering full-in-office services.

Recently many dentists purchased a CAD/CAM dental milling machine inside of their offices. They wanted to take care of everything relating crown and bridges, even implant related within their offices. They can save money and time, even quality control of crown, bridges, and implant.

Any dentist who has interest in a CAD/CAM milling machine can click and check below VIDEO.

How to find a great CAD/CAM milling machine

This video tells you the five factors that can help you find a great milling machine for your dental office.

What’s next

#5. What is Wow-experience in dental office?


#1 How you can attract new patients?

#2 What do patients really want?

#3 Is patients’ satisfaction good enough for your business?

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Updated: May 23

The power of one consumer is getting stronger than any era

Now we are in Internet-driven world, so customers have more power than ever. Through consumer-generated Media (CGM), blogs, social network video blogging, pod casting and etc, even a single dissatisfied customer can broadcast her or his complaints to millions of audiences. You might think that one disgruntled customer would just tell 3 or 4 people their bad experiences, but we live in an era where this single customer can talk to thousands or tens of thousands of people.

Many dentists are pursuing patients’ satisfaction through new technologies, new equipment, and more staff training but patients do not care any of them. Patients’ satisfaction is a complex mixture of patient’s experience as well as their personal needs and values.

14 factors leading to patient’s dissatisfaction.

  1. No feeling respected by the mechanical attitude or response of doctor and staff

  2. Over bearing or unilateral push without an attitude to respect the patient with sufficient explanation

  3. Having a condescending attitude and tone toward patients

  4. Feeling of being invisible by using technical terminologies

  5. Leaving patients waiting more than 10 minutes without any explanation

  6. Doctor’s presentation lacking enthusiasm and emotion

  7. No emotional exchange and no attempt to create a good relationship, jump into the treatment plan

  8. Doctor or staff’s long monologues without a break and without considering the patient’s condition at all

  9. Lack of efforts to understand the patient’s insurance and to help them fully recognize their option

  10. Lack of effort to pay close attention to the patient’s financial options such as providing time and private space so that the patient’s self-esteem doesn’t get hurt

  11. Doctor's treatment plan that doesn't reflect the patient's opinion and consent

  12. Not paying much attention to the complaints mentioned by the patient

  13. Not taking care of patient’s anxiety and pain

  14. Quiet treatment without enough explanation for the whole treatment

Patients’ satisfaction is not good enough for your business. Most dentists might be satisfied if their patients are satisfied with their treatment. However, if the goal of the dentist is patients’ satisfaction, there are inevitably dissatisfied patients because patients’ satisfaction is extremely complicated as we have seen above. And the impact of those dissatisfied patients is greater than ever. So now the dentist’s goal should no longer rest on the satisfaction of the patient but must pursue above and beyond the satisfaction of the patient.

Just satisfying patients do not have a big impact, while a few dissatisfied patients have a big impact. However, patients who feel extremely exceptional satisfaction become unbearable without telling thousands or tens of thousands of people about their experiences. Therefore, patients’ satisfaction is not good enough for dentists’ business. Exceptionally satisfactory Experience, so it called Wow-experience, is good enough for dentists’ business.

If dentists are pursuing Wow-experience all the time, their business will be consistently stable thanks to their super satisfied patients.

What’s next

#4 What is Wow-experience in dental office?


#1 How you can attract new patients?

#2 What do patients really want?

(If you need it, please let us know and we will send you again)

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  • Sam S. Kim

Wednesday, May 12 @ 5:15 pm ET in LMT LAB DAY Online

Raymond Lee discusses how to find a great milling machine, when to purchase a milling machine, and why you need a milling machine and introduces the milling machines available from Arum Dentistry including the 5x200, 5x500/5x500L (with automatic disc changer) and 5x300/5x300D. Arum milling machines use the high-quality, powerful German spindle, Sycotec; are heavy enough to minimize vibration and increase milling quality and tool-life; and feature a well-organized and balanced machine structure as well as high-quality tech support.

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